BCCSAT-1 CW & GMSK Signal Recieved

Updated TLE for Tracking BCCSAT-1 (OBJECT R47947)

1 47947U 21022R 21086.32135877 -.00000062 00000-0 00000+0 0 9999
2 47947 97.5610 350.1091 0016684 220.6027 276.2510 15.06498575 579

Informations about radio

-Radio Specifications
-CW Telemetry Format
-GMSK Decoder

BCCSAT-1 CW (Callsign – HS0W)


More News

BCCSAT-1 Launch 22 March 2021 (6:07 GMT)

For informations, regarding recieving/decoding signals from BCCSAT-1 satellite, please visit http://bccsat.bcc.ac.th/amateur-radio/

BCCSAT-1 have Launched!! 22 March 2021 (6:07 GMT)

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Launch Provider

BCCSAT-1 will be launch by GK Launch service provider. 38 satellites from 18 countries will be launched on the Soyuz-2 rocket. The full payload list for the upcoming launch mission is available on GK Launch website: http://gklaunch.ru/…/38-satellites-from-18-countries…/

Credit: GK Launch

UNISAT-7 (Deployer)

The UNISAT-7 is attached within the SOYUZ-2 rocket which will act as a deployer for our satellite after launching into space. BCCSAT-1 satellite is attached within the UNISAT-7 along with other 5 satellites.

Simplified Launch Sequence

SOYUZ-2 Launch -> SOYUZ-2 deploy its payloads (UNISAT-7 get deploy) -> UNISAT-7 deploy BCCSAT-1

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Preliminary Design Review(PDR) of the BCCSAT-1 has been done on the 11th December 2018. Bccspace Program has invited Jaxa’s engineer, and aerospace engineering professors, from Thailand and Japan, to visit and review the design of the engineering model (EM): They pointed out some possible errors that might happen out in space, and gave the Bccspace Program’s students advices and ways to improve on the future flight model (FM).


Since building an antenna provided with the manpower an information we have is not sufficient; on November the 4th 2018 a group of us went to The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) to ask for their help building an amateur antenna. We are very lucky to have RAST see our potential, and so they decided to host a test in our school to see if we are eligible enough to use their radio frequencies.

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