BCCSAT-1 Launch 22 March 2021 (6:07 GMT)

For informations, regarding recieving/decoding signals from BCCSAT-1 satellite, please visit http://bccsat.bcc.ac.th/amateur-radio/

BCCSAT-1 have Launched!! 22 March 2021 (6:07 GMT)

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Launch Provider

BCCSAT-1 will be launch by GK Launch service provider. 38 satellites from 18 countries will be launched on the Soyuz-2 rocket. The full payload list for the upcoming launch mission is available on GK Launch website: http://gklaunch.ru/…/38-satellites-from-18-countries…/

Credit: GK Launch

UNISAT-7 (Deployer)

The UNISAT-7 is attached within the SOYUZ-2 rocket which will act as a deployer for our satellite after launching into space. BCCSAT-1 satellite is attached within the UNISAT-7 along with other 5 satellites.

Simplified Launch Sequence

SOYUZ-2 Launch -> SOYUZ-2 deploy its payloads (UNISAT-7 get deploy) -> UNISAT-7 deploy BCCSAT-1

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