Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Preliminary Design Review(PDR) of the BCCSAT-1 has been done on the 11th December 2018. Bccspace Program has invited Jaxa’s engineer, and aerospace engineering professors, from Thailand and Japan, to visit and review the design of the engineering model (EM): They pointed out some possible errors that might happen out in space, and gave the Bccspace Program’s students advices and ways to improve on the future flight model (FM).

One thought on “Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

  1. This is amazing ! So proud of BCC.
    Feeling grateful for all efforts for such a great project.
    Wishing everyone great health.

    Keep going

    (I have listened to interview with N’ Book on F.M.100.5 ( Su 27th September, 2020 )

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